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The Natural Born Witch?
One topic that I have noticed repeatedly that's up for
discussion, though never fully resolved is the concept of the natural Witch. So, I figured why not investigate this a little more, and perhaps this will help to clear some things up for a lot of people, because there is certainly a lot of confusion out there.
I often get letters from individuals who write something along the lines of "I think I'm a witch.  I hear it runs in my family, and I can sense things and things in my dreams come true---what should I do?" Well, the truth comes down to this: Witchcraft requires a great deal of studying, research, and training, and this is most commonly done within a Family or Tradition. Why? Because Witchcraft is a religion, a trade--something that is taught. (If you take issue with my calling it a religion, see here.)
You don't hear about much natural born lawyers or doctors do you? Now, I will say that there are certainly individuals who possess natural talents and abilities that enable them to be very talented Witches, but still, one must learn how to use these properly first! And nearly all human beings at one time or another (depending on how well society suppresses them) have "psychic" tendencies---it's not an unusual thing. The Pagan/Mystery Path religions certainly do allow for a great more acceptance of these abilities than other religions, which is why they're often associated with each other.